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Streaming Music



Music and the way we listen to it continues to evolve monthly. Before this rampant technological expansion, listening to music had moved slowly from the 8 track to vinyl (DJ’s still use these to be considered the real deal) then cassette tapes to finally CD’s which lasted a long time and was the go to for everyone. While watching #theGoldbergs on #ABC I remembered Columbia House where you could buy 12 Cds for a penny. Yes, it was an expensive scheme that a lot of college students got sucked into but we got an impressive music collection out of it.

ITunes came around and everyone jumped ship and started listening to music digitally and we have not looked back. Case in point I gave everyone a copy of the #Adele CD #25 for Christmas and everyone was so happy because it was a great #throwback gift. Yes, folks CD’s are now throwback. After ITunes, a plethora of music services launched including IHeartRadio, Apple Music, Tidal and the giant that is Pandora.


Everyone listens to #Pandora. I am finally current as I listen to my favorite Pandora station every morning. Yes, folks I am all caught up. Part of the cool crowd.  So I went to an event with some millennials recently and mentioned my favorite Pandora station and I got that familiar look of being ancient. Apparently no one listens to Pandora anymore. Spotify is now King. Everyone has their favorite Spotify listening list ranging from morning coffee mixes to afternoon yoga. Yes, folks I am serious. Also if everyone is attending a concert they make a Spotify playlist and everyone follows and listens and discuss it at the latest meetup suggesting what songs to add. I know this because I am a part of the Coldplay concert in July on Spotify.

The most popular Spotify playlist currently is the moving playlist led by the popular track #welcometomyhouse by @Florida. See below

Where do you listen to music daily? Maybe the next time you read this we will all be on tidal.


Here is our #envisionplaylist suggestions. You may notice a theme. Use them to create your own playlist when travelling to your next stay on at

  • Vision of Love Mariah Carey
  • Tunnel Vision- Justin Timberlake
  • Vision- Ashana
  • Visions- The Maine
  • What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
  • Visions- Stevie Wonder
  • Visions- The Eagles
  • What It’s Like- Envision
  • Envision- Osulande
  • Imagine John Lennon
  • Night Visions- Imagine Dragon
  • Somewhere out there- James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt
  • Vision- Clinton Fearon
  • Viva La Vida-Coldplay