In-Room Amenities

When it comes to amenities, boutique hotels try to outdo one another and offer the most luxurious and sometimes outrageous amenities to their guests. It usually comes at a steep price with a ‘luxury’ tag attached to it.
At enVision Hotels, we want to remain true to our core value of being affordable. We have realized that affordable doesn’t have to mean frugal. enVision Hotels offer luxurious amenities that aim to cover the basics, add a WOW factor and sometimes are unexpected.

Everyone loves to be pampered and indulged when away from home. Hotel amenities can really set the tone for a great stay. enVision Hotel Group has put in a lot of thought behind our amenities at the hotel.

In every boutique room you will find


enVision “Serenity” mattress

A good night’s rest can never be compromised. Featuring our own line of mattresses called ‘enVision Serenity mattress’ with premium foams,
and a higher coil count to enhance overall comfort and support. Wake up refreshed!

complimentary Wi-Fi

We paid attention to several global travel reports and complimentary Wi-Fi was rated
the most important in-room amenity by guests. We’ve got that covered.

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Keurig® Coffee Maker

  Because your first cup of coffee or tea should be perfect and Keurig® is found in many homes and office kitchens. Easy to use and delivering single cup perfection again and again.