The design for enVision Hotels is a key part of the brand- based on creating a memorable guest experience. Each property has been designed to give travelers a vintage experience and a taste of the local surroundings, while enjoying modern amenities. Inspired design tells the story of each location, encouraging guests to experience that nostalgic feeling of traveling – back when it was about enjoying the destination. Time honored trunks, suitcases and memorabilia adorn the lobby along with oversized plush sofas and comfortable armchairs to encourage guests to hang out, play scrabble, and relax. Carefully selected pieces whet your appetite for the history behind each property.


enVision Style

The rooms are designed to make you feel relaxed and inspired. An antique map on the wall leaves guests wondering what the town used to be like – encouraging them to explore the neighborhood. A tight palate, plush comfy seating, and unique custom pieces create a relaxing, homey feel. Texture plays a large role in establishing a vintage feel, lots of aged brass, leathers, reclaimed wood, and velvets grace the spaces.

One’s Destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things
– Henry Miller

Ask our in-house designer, Jessica Smith. She loves to discuss her concept.



Jessica Smith

In-house designer


“Interior design was something I was born to do. As a child, I built Barbie doll houses out of cardboard boxes, wall paper, and flooring samples. I spent all my time rearranging the house and all of its furniture rather than playing with the dolls. By the time I was 15 I had re-designed every room in my parents’ house and started to renovate several of my friends’ bedrooms. I always organized friends’ closets, kitchens, etc. I love finding a design solution to help people better function in their own space. With every project, I try to push the limits and design with the end user in mind, but I always add a little of myself.”

Jessica loves designing hotels. “Each project has its own set of problems which need to be solved like a puzzle, and I love being able to come up with creative solutions.” She has designed over 15 new construction hotels and has worked on over 30 renovations. Currently, she is helping create and mold the enVision Hotel brand. “This is a dream job for me, I get to really focus on one client’s needs and help to develop a brand in its pioneering stage. It’s very exciting to be a part of.”