Sweet Dreams

Minnesota has a local favorite dessert spot in every neighborhood but there are some desserts that have just become synonymous with the twin cities. Discover a few sweet specialties Minnesotans do better than anyone else, Try the Maple Nut Goodie, one of several popular candies made by Pearson’s Candy Company of St. Paul, MN or the Bundt cake which originated in the 1950s in MN thanks to Nordic Ware or a jello salad or sweet frybread. If the chef is in a celebratory mood you might even find Kransekake a Danish/Norwegian almond flavored layered cake eaten on special occasions. Join our hotel team in the lobby on Thursday nights and get a little taste of some heavenly, decadent desserts from our favorite St. Paul neighborhood bakeries or sample some candies from the candy bar. A sweet and perfect end to your day in St. Paul.
Life is sweet… enjoy a treat!

Walk of the Walleye

The Walleye is one of the most sought after fish in Minnesota. The reasons are many- it tastes really good, its plentiful locally, the shallow lakes provide an ideal habitat for the fish. Walleye can be elusive at times and hard to catch. There are many stories shared among families and friends about fishing for walleye. Join us in the lobby to taste some local fresh walleye and hear some fishing stories.

Skoll NIght

When you are in this part of the world Skol is just a way of saying Go Vikings! But it is literally cheers or salute to a person or group that you admire. For us that is our guests. Join us in the lobby during football season so we can say ‘Skol’ to you. Enjoy some stadium food and local beer and other beverages.

Betcha Didn’t Know

– Trivia served with Popcorn & Soda Pop
Bring a competitive spirit and sense of humor to enjoy a game of local trivia along with some popcorn and soda pop!! You’re sure to leave more knowledgeable about Minnesota.